Read a recent report from Isla Winarto, Project Director for Lombok on the completion of Water Piping Works Project at Gangga Village North Lombok by the village women!


Funding from the SISWP President’s Appeal Makmur Tsunami & Earthquakes Indonesia Appeal were directed through to SI Jakarta in February, 2019, to secure the contract with a local contractor for work to replace the 1,000 meters of water pipes damaged in the earthquake in August 2018, affecting the village of Gangga in North Lombok.

Before work could commence, however, the HDPE piping had to be ordered from Surabaya (on the island of Java) as Lombok has totally run out of many construction materials, including piping. The piping arrived in Lombok by truck on 1 March, 2019.

Work finally commenced on Sunday, 3 March 2019 with the laying of the water piping in the village of Gangga. It was completed within one week.

From the outset, the local villagers, including many women, were involved in this project. They assisted in various tasks, from unloading the rolls of piping, digging the trenches where some of the piping was to be laid, and liaising with the contractor on how to maintain the pipes going forward.

Now that the water pipes are in place and water is flowing freely, and is being used by the community, efforts are being made to ensure the pipes remain safe and secure. To the extent possible, most of the pipes have been installed underground for greater protection from accidental damage by the villagers, the elements, or natural disasters. Safety covers have been installed over the piping in certain areas where the pipes need to be above ground. Signage has also been erected to warn people of the existence of the pipes so that every care is taken to protect them.

A banner has been erected by the Gangga Village, thanking Soroptimists for replacing the damaged water pipes in their village. The women, in particular, have expressed their gratitude to Soroptimist for making their lives easier through the installation of water piping to their village enabling them access to running water. It has been gratifying to witness how their lives have improved, in general.