Celebrating Day of the Girl Child

With our desire to transform the lives of females around the world, 11th October as International Day of the Girl reminds us that our work is vital to provide a voice for those girls who do not have one.

This year with a theme of Girls Progress = Goals’ Progress: What counts for Girls, we concentrate not only on our awareness of the potential of the SDGs for girls, their families and their communities but also on the fact that data is our major way of ascertaining what progress we are making. Without data we limit “our ability to monitor and communicate the wellbeing and progress of half of humanity.”

Many Soroptimist Clubs in our Federation are involved in projects that seek to address basic needs. Below are examples of just a few of these projects.

SI Jondalup Australia - Days for Girls.


Days for Girls SI Joondalup 1

Supported by many clulubs, this project involves members volunteering their time and skills in 

preparing and shiping basic, cheap and reusable menstruation packs both within their own country and/or overseas.

The lack of such products forces girls out of school on a regular basis and means that their education is disrupted with subsequent consequences for future employment.

SI Joondalup, is an example of this and as shown in this picture they actively contribute to the sewing and packing of packs. PFR #42140  




SI Invercargill New Zealand - Murihikel Young parents Learning Centre.

SI Invercargill


SI Invercargill works with teenage mothers at the Murihikel Young parents Learning Centre to ensure they complete their education and are job ready.

The Club actively mentor the girls, assist with preparing CVs and learning interview skills and also with seeking out work experience.

This successful project, has proved invaluable and girls participate where possible in Soroptimist activities such as protests against domestic violence. PFR #42357   




SI Bangsar Malaysia - KKB Sivananda Girls Home

SI Bangsar 1



SI Bangsar has focussed attention on the KKB Sivananda Girls home where deprived girls or those with difficult backgrounds are provided with shelter and security.

A project was undertaken to teach the girls about sustainable agriculture and establish a suitable garden on the premises of the home.

This project was expanded after student interest to teach the girls how to use the produce grown and prepare and cook healthy meals.PFR #42322  




SI Karratha and Dists Pilbara GirlSI Karratha & Districts Australia - Pilbara Girl

SI Karratha & districts has for some time been undertaking a project Pilbara Girl. This project was designed to encourage and motivate local indigenous girls about leadership.

"It is about giving young women the tools to realise their potential, to enpower them in their endevours, to give them the confidence to dream big and reach for the stars. It is about giving the participants the wings to fly." PFR#42115





3rd October Soroptimist Day of Friendship

Our second day of celebration in October is our Day of Friendship 3rd October. Day of Friendship reminds us that we Soroptimists are a community and that working together for a common purpose strengthens the bonds of friendship that Soroptimists worldwide share. It is also, this year, a time to see how far we have come in addressing SWP President Theresa’s challenge to work together to improve lives.

Certainly our Federation project 'Sanctuary: Shelter for Women' is an opportunity to collaboratively work together in raising funds to help build shelters in Fiji for women and their families; helping them to find support in times of violence or disaster. Plans are finalised and a ground breaking ceremony will be scheduled soon. Our work with the Fiji government reminds us that partnerships share the workload and assist in seeing ideas come to life. 

SI Melba, SI Singapore, SI Cambodia and SI Damansara - Bycicles for Malaria Workers

New Bicycles for Cambodia Villaga Malaria Workers


Four Clubs have combined to bring better health to a province in Cambodia. SI Melba, SI Singapore, SI Cambodia and SI Damansara Clubs have combined to raise funds to provide bicycles for village malaria workers to use to travel to villages to provide information and monitor malaria outbreaks

Each club takes it in turn to coordinate funds and the purchase of the bicycles. The latest plan is a GoFundMe campaign. So successful has their work in the province been that it is planned to extend the scheme into another area. PFR#42161. 




SI Darkhan 1 FotorSI Gold Coast and SI Darkhan - Learning New Skills in Mongolia

SI Gold Coast and SI Darkhan have worked together to give young girls an opportunity to learn some native handcraft work.

This not only occupies the girls during the very cold months of winter in Mongolia but also provides a potential source of employment when they leave school. PFR#342161.






Many Clubs work in collaboration with other organisations, businesses and even Government departments.
We will take a look at these collaborations in further detail and other projects in December. 


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