Every two years, clubs have the opportunity to put forward a proposal for a new Federation Project. Members vote to accept a particular project at the biennial Conference of Clubs. Once accepted as a Federation Project, funds are raised by clubs throughout the Federation and the project is overseen by Soroptimist members. These projects have benefited women and girls in numerous ways.

To read abut the current project located in Fiji - Sanctuary - Shelter for Women.


Previous Federation Projects:

Birthing in the Pacific: Improving maternal health; educating midwifes, community health workers and village birth attendants, providing opportunties for upskilling, medical equipment, training supplies.

Hands across the Borders: A project to bring health, education and economic opportunities to Sampovloun, Cambodia. The initial focus of the Project was to improve sanitation and infrastructure as well as provide a number of basic supplies for the School and Hospital. Upgrade of the hospital and upsilling of nurses.

Halt Family Violence: This Project established the first clinic in Papua New Guinea for victims of domestic violence; the project supported clinical workers, nurses etc to work with the victims.

Alzheimer's Sufferers: Research into and support for issues related to care for Alzheimer's sufferers.

Street Childrens Library: this project was located in Indonesia, a library and education centre for street children was established.

Nutrition of Children: provision of simple cost effective devices for oral rehydration and controlled nutrition of children.


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