Join us for dinner and a presentation by Lynda Du Vallier.


Lynda Du Vallier is an author, multi -award-winning entrepreneur, business owner, cat photographer and ambassador for conquering life. Over the past 15 years, she has educated and influenced thousands of people about responsible cat ownership and helped many people to pursue and live their 'purrfect' life. She is known as 'Queen of the Cats'.

Lynda's passion and purpose in life is to encourage and inspire people to live as if every day is their last.

Lynda worked out what she is good at, combined that with what she does for a living and hobbies and is so congruent with her calling, that life just works!

In 2017, Lynda was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since conquering that has reinvented herself to not only ensure her life is lived to the full but to encourage others to make every moment of every day count! There is only one chance on this planet to live your best life.

Lynda has used her experiences in life and developed the skills and strength to overcome all obstacles, no matter how hard the journey has been. She has now turned her attention to encouraging others to do the same.

Lynda does all of this with passion, enthusiasm and her iconic smile.

You will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to live more, live well and challenge yourself to reach heights that you never thought possible by listening to and working with Lynda.

Lynda is a true testament to the power of change and believing in yourself. She is passionate about empowering people to live life to the full.

Lynda has won many awards as an entrepreneur, business owner and photographer, and in the wonderful world of cat shows.

In 2022 Lynda released her first book- Cat Chats. This 'coffee table' book contains many of her professional studio photographs of cats with each accompanied by a story lovingly written by the owner.

Lynda has been certified in the Global Coaching and Speaking Authority in Ericksonian Hypnosis; Practitioner of NLP; Professional Speaker Level 1; Science of Change Level 1; Power to Change Level 1; and Performance Coach. She has two diplomas in Christian Ministry and is a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) Qld.

She has won an Aaron Sansoni Sansational Award twice and Business Multiplier Award twice, amongst many accolades. And she is still proud to say that she was dux in her final year at high school!

The cost for this event is solely your dinner selection, taken straight from the Club Beenleigh dinner menu.  If you do not see your preferred meal, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate it.

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Event Date 23-08-2022 (6:45 - 8:30)
Location Club Beenleigh