Alicia became a Soroptimist in 2012, first joining Singapore Garden City and now a member of Singapore.   Alicia has held several positions at club level including President, National Representative for Singapore 2016-2018 and has been instrumental in membership development in Asia as part of the Federation Membership team for 2018-2020. 

What made me join Soroptimist International in 2012 was the international relationships with a purpose for helping the underprivileged: my passion!  And I seem to be working non-stop as Club Secretary the next year, then President-Elect, then President, then National Rep for Singapore, then Asst Membership for Asia 2018-2020.
I like best : as National Representative for Singapore, I was the flag bearer of the Singapore flag parading together with other countries ‘make me feel as if I am in the Olympics representing my country’ at the grand entrance of the Conference.
I had the privilege to officiate the charter of the 3rd club in Singapore: SI Singapore Orchid.
In line with Soroptimist International President, Mariet V Cohen’s theme “Clean water for women”, I had the honour to arrange a private meeting with the Officials of the Public Utilities Board showcasing Singapore’s water-processing locally from different sources: 3 reservoirs, Marina Barage converting sea salt water, and the processing of waste water to drinking water in Newater Plant where a tour was subsequently arranged to include members of our three Singapore clubs.
It has been an exuberating experience being able to travel to meet SI members overseas on joint projects and conferences.
Singapore has non-stop visitors. 


Alicia proudly carrying the Singapore flag as their National Representative


home of the Bakers 1 resize

Alicia as Singapore National Representative being home hosted, whilst on official business.

hospitality couple 1 resized

Arriving in Sydney and being met at the airport and taken to their Soroptimists host for the Conference


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