Evonne has been a member of Southern Districts of Adelaide club since 1969.  Evonne is a Honorary Life Member of the Region of South Australia.

Evonne's professional life was as a Nurse and Nurse Technician.  

Evonne has held many positions at club and region levels, including ICT Liaison and training. 

In 1969, over 50 years ago, Evonne Tylor became a member of the Southern Districts of Adelaide Soroptimist Club. She has achieved much as a member, holding many positions and personally has enjoyed and valued the friendships made over so many years.
Evonne has willingly held positions for this Club including President – 4 four times, Secretary five times and Treasurer. She has been a member of the Executive Committee, ICT Liaison person, Region delegate and Membership Training person and has volunteered to work on barbecues and other fundraising events.
In 2000 Evonne was made an Honorary Life Member of the Region in recognition of her commitment and involvement to the Region of South Australia. Evonne was Vice President and then became President of the Region of SA in 1979 and 1980. She was the Region Secretary, holding the position for two years at a time. Evonne has also been the Region Co-ordinator for Economic and Social Development and for Health and the Region Program Committees and was the Public Relations Officer for many years. Her name and phone number were displayed at the airport, bus station and other advertising media as a contact for Soroptimist clubs in SA.

evonne with the girls from WA at the NZ Conference resozed

Evonne centre row in pink,  enjoying what Soroptimists love, attending Conferences with our friends.  Taken in NZ 2012

As a Soroptimist member, Evonne has often spoken of the joy of meeting and making friends throughout the world. This has been as a result of attending International Conventions and visiting overseas Clubs. With her good friend Jenny Hughes, Evonne has attended all the International Conventions since 1999 – Helsinki, Sydney, Glasgow, Montreal, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. These Conventions offered the opportunity to travel and enjoy some amazing experiences and wonderful times of friendship with fellow Soroptimists. One of these treasured memories was being hosted by local Soroptimists in Suva, Fiji when she was on a cruise with her mother. A unique experience.

An invitation to visit Iceland by Soroptimist friend Hafdis was accepted and she kindly arranged a tour of the magnificent Blue Lagoon. On another occasion Evonne and Jenny caught the train from Paddington, London to stay with Hilary Ratcliffe at Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England. They drove further north to stay with Ann Dawson and visited the arboretum where a tree was planted and dedicated to the late Lynn Dunning who was an International President. Carwen Wynne-Howells in Wales arranged a trip to Mt Snowdon travelling to the highest station on the heritage cog railway. These friendships have continued and time spent together at each Convention has been memorable. Evonne met with Ann and Carwen again in Kuala Lumpur (2019), a special reunion. Two highlights were attending the Conventions where friends, Margaret Lobo (2008) and Yvonne Simpson (2015) began their term as President of Soroptimist International.

Evonne continues to be an invaluable source of information when it comes to Soroptimist matters and she encourages other members to attend Federation Conferences and International Conventions. She is to be congratulated on her Soroptimist service and commitment to our club and to the SA Region over the last 50 years.
Barbara Francis