Clubs and Members are encouraged to get involved, 2021 is a year to celebrate and amplify the incredible work we do as a Soroptimist. A year of joy and achievement, a year to join together with our Friendship links old and new and create lasting change and impactful projects in our communities. 

A time to Celebrate the Bright Past and welcome the Brilliant Future of our organisation.

Soroptimist Reflections

Whether you have been a Soroptimist for many years or a short period of time, this 100 year celebration will give you time to reflect, analyze, jog your memory or make observations as we read the stories of fellow Soroptimists.  We hope you enjoy reading these reflections, they will be released throughout the year. 


C100 Plant 100 Trees

C100 Tree Planting logo transparent BG  

This Climate Change, Environmental Project has been designed to embrace the very first project undertaken by a Soroptimist Club, our Soroptimist sisters had a  vision 100 years ago to save the Redwoods, 100 years on from now image the legacy we will leave if every club in the SWP plants 100 trees, this mind blowing campaign to reduce carbon emissions, improve our environment, and the impact on sensitive landscapes.

See the full toolkit and resources in the downloads area of the website.

  folder C100 Tree Planting campaign


C100 Acts of Kindness

100 acts of kindness small size 

Since the founding of the very first Soroptimist club in Oakland, California in 1921, when the world was emerging from a world war, women were not encouraged to be part of a service organisation. Soroptimist International (SI) has sought to bring about changes to the lives of women and girls worldwide. Through its global network of five Federations and its dedicated volunteer membership of over 75,000, SI is driven by its mission of transforming lives through education, empowerment and by enabling opportunities

See the full toolkit and resources in the downloads area of the website.

folder C100 Acts of Kindness


C100 Linked Hands

This campaign is still being developed but will incorporate the work you do with your friendship link clubs, or create a new link with a Soroptimist club. Work together to develop a project which will deliver change to your communities.   Prosper across the borders with our sisters.  More to come on this campaign as the Friendship Link Convenor Zareena Bi works to develop this campaign.

Brilliant Futures Fund

The Centennial committee wishes to leave SWP with a lasting legacy of this 100 year celebration.  The objective of this fund is to provide a funding stream for a club, a region or a country to implement or continue a new phase of a project which they would not be able to deliver without substantial funding.  To find out more about this fund visit the Brilliant Futures Fund page 

Virtual Walk 

This exciting fun campaign will keep us fit, and knowledgeable as we join into teams and virtually walk across our Federations to the Soroptimist International Virtual 100 year Celebration.   We will travel to other countries, view projects past and present, learn about historical SI happenings and virtually meet with fellow Soroptimists. This will be an event you will not want to miss out on. 

Customised SISWP logo Postage Stamps

Australian Soroptimists are encouraged to purchase customised Australian postage stamps using the 100 year SI Emblem.   This will promote the 100 Centennial year to a wide range of people.  Clubs should consider purchasing a sheet for club postage needs.   A sheet of 20 Australian postage stamps can be purchased from Australia Post at this webpage for the lost cost of $25.00AUS